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Zuki Moba's gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skills and teamwork. Challenge yourself with various game modes!

  • Practice Mode

  • Melee Combat Mode

  • Conflict Mode

Each Hero has 3 energy points to use skills

Skill1 + Skill2 uses 1 energy point

Skill3 can use 1-3 energy points to use skill (The more energy you use, the stronger the skill gets)

Collects crystals to charge into energy by killing monsters or other users

Passive Skill: every time the user gains 1 level while playing the game, they will be able to choose 1 in 3 passive skills.

Choosing a skill many times will increase that skill level (Only exists in 1 game).


Scattering Rate

50% (+50%)

Attack Speed

25% (+25%)

Move Speed

20% (+20%)


150 (+150)


25% (+25%)

Health Regeneration

1% (+1%)

Life Steal

10% (+10%)


30% (+30%)

Damage Reduction

20% (+20%)

Critical Strike

10% (+10%)

Charge Time


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