Full name
Leon Truong
Sendo BOD
FPT Telecom BOD
DTS Chairman
BAS Founder
Ja Long
Founder BlockchainHub.vn CEO & Founder SharkLand – Shark Agent CEO & Founder BitCEO.io
Cat Van Khoi
Sapo Founder
Ecomkey Asia Founder
10+ years of experience in Online Business
Author of the book "You are number one" - Top Best Seller of VTC2 Knowledge Gold Warehouse
Founder of Sapo sales management software - Sao Khue Award 2015 Deputy Chief of Office of Vietnam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Pham Quoc Bao
Founder & CEO of Moniwar
Founder of Monihub ltd. Master of Computer Science .
13+ years of game development experience 4+ years of experience building blockchain technology applications Head of Technology - BASBentley Magnate
Bentley Magnate
General Manager of Retail and Market Branding: Okia, Frico, Kitchmate, Kitchapp… Project Planning of EWC 800Ha Entertainment City Project Human Resources and Development Base
Robert Nguyen
Platform Director of DTS Group
General Coordinator of BAS
Nguyen Ngoc Nam
Chairman Alpha Moon Capital
Partner ESP Capital
Paulus Pham
Founder Clovers Ventures & Coinbiz.vn